If you are looking for personalized support, we can design and facilitate a process of reflection, learning and transformation tailored to you.

We work with organizations, networks and donors to support them in their needs and challenges. While each accompaniment is different, many fall into the categories below. We hope they can serve to inspire you!

  • Supporting organizational or leadership transitions
  • Creating or renewing Mission, Vision, and/or Theory of Change
  • Rethinking programmatic strategies to make them more resilient
  • Integrating design processes into your work, programs and projects
  • Designing and facilitating retreats
  • Building learning and feedback processes for the entire team
  • Accompanying leaders to reflect on their leadership styles and processes
  • Facilitating workshops and supporting non-violent communication
  • Rethinking and implementing a financial plan
  • Investigating different ways to sustain your organization, experimenting with new models and ideas
  • Exploring the donor ecosystem, and carrying out “donor intelligence”
  • Creating learning processes within the network that are open, horizontal and collaborative
  • Implementing diverse processes that are co-created and based on the objectives and values ​​of the network
  • Serving as learning partners for your foundation, in your programs and with your grantees
  • Accompanying your evaluation processes and incorporating learnings into your practices


We have accompanied various organizations, networks, and donors in La Sobremesa.




Their experiences

with La Sobremesa

With Hivos América Latina, “La Sobremesa provided specialized mentoring to our Open Contracting partners to guarantee the resilience and sustainability of their organizations and initiatives.”

“La Sobremesa is a safe and create space, which allowed us to discuss openly and examine ourselves as an organization and an ecosystem. La Sobremesa team are full of empathy and have the capacity to create innovative and sustainable solutions for the civic resilience necessary in Latin America.”

Ana Gabriel Zúñiga Aponte

Gerente de Desarrollo Corporativo de Hivos

With Dialogos de Guatemala, “La Sobremesa accompanied us in the co-creation and definition of a roadmap for our organization. As part of this technical assistance, La Sobremesa helped us define mechanisms around how we anticipate futures and learn from them."

We really enjoyed working with La Sobremsa. Thanks to their inspiration and accompaniment, we were able to meet the objectives and goals that we proposed. Work like this deserves to be recognized, so thank you to La Sobremesa for dedicating so much time, love and effort to our project. The work with La Sobremesa marks a “before and after” in our institutional history.

Walter Corzo

Executive Director de Diálogos

With reAccion from Paraguay, “we worked with La Sobremesa in the analysis of possible futures to prioritize actions and adjust our institutional development plan.”

We felt that the future of our organization mattered to them just as if it were their own. They have a capacity for listening and for empathy that is not common in these spaces. Thier priority was to ensure that our alternative vision of development can become reality.

David Riveros García

Executive Director de reAcción

With Hivos Innovation Fund, “we worked with La Sobremesa on a project to explore how collaborations in the area of civic technology for accountability arise, evolve and (sometimes) fail, and what can be learned from these experiences to better support to the community.”

As was the case in our previous work with Anca and the team, it was a wonderful experience, full of learning. Among the many great qualities they bring to this job, one of the most impressive is their ability to create spaces of trust, honest conversation, warmth (and fun) that go much deeper than usual and provide critical ideas for next steps!

Conrad Zellmann

Impact Lead de Hivos

With TEDIC from Paraguay, “we worked with La Sobremesa to rethink possible futures, in order to be less reactive and more proactive. They also helped us rethink the organization – from our mission and theory of change to our roles as a team and healthier, more sustainable ways of working.”

Working with La Sobremesa was a delightful experience. We used many tools to think about our futures. They have a great team of professionals who accompanied us in the process of rebuilding the organization. Also, in the era of the pandemic, they shared methodologies that kept our team safe.

Maricarmen Sequera

Executive Director de TEDIC


With CabildoxLatAm, “La Sobremesa supported the design and facilitation of our week-long virtual, interactive workshop, CabildoxLatAm, a space for transnational, digital participation to identify and strengthen community responses to the COVID19 pandemic.”

Working with La Sobremesa was a wonderful experience. They created space for trust and laughter, sharing our struggles and losses, all in a digital space for citizen participation, that is CabildoxLatAm.

Azucena Morán

Fundadora de CabildoxLatAm

With Open Heroines, La Sobremesa designed and facilitated a collaborative process to investigate our Open Heroines network in a very participative way, with a focus on power dynamics.

The La Sobremesa team was very respectful, careful, and rigorous. The outcome of our work together brought us good perspectives for our community and helped us create sustainable strategies for the future.

Mor Rubinstein

Co-founder de Open Heroines

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