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We are a collective of people with diverse experiences, knowledge, and strengths, all working from different sectors to support civil society organizations in Latin America in becoming stronger and more resilient.

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Anca Matioc

Fundadora y Directora de La Sobremesa

Hi! I'm Anca, the founder and director of La Sobremesa. I've been working with and accompanying civil society organizations and networks in Latin America and the global south for over a year. Now, through La Sobremesa, we're creating a space of reflection and learning, which is so needed in the space, to think of and iterate realistic solutions for civil society and by civil society. I am a designer and facilitator of change processes. I support civil society organizations to better design their strategies, strenthen their institutional practices, and re-think their structures and teams. I have focused on working with transparency, anticorruption and human rights organizations. My passion is getting to accompan those who focus on improving the realities within their countries.

Graciela Guadarrama Baena

Lideresa de Diseño & Futuros

Hi! I'm Graciela. My experience encompasses innovation and design in their entirety. I use methodologies from different disciplines to facilitate processes of action and transformation – some of these include social innovation, critical design, participatory futures and systems thinking. I believe in narratives as critical tools for change, and I enjoy participatory design and co-creation. Due to my profile and curious mind, I have worked with various groups and organizations from both the public and private sectors and civil society. I've also worked with international institutions such as UNESCO, WFP and the EU on various social and environmental issues.

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